• I am an Artist

    I am an Artist
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    A collaborative project with six kiwi artists, this book encourages, motivates, and gives practical ideas for young artists to grow in their identity as an artist and cultivate their unique voice.

    48p, full colour.
    Designed and printed in New Zealand.


    "I wish that I had something like this book growing up - which makes me so proud to have been a part of this!"
    - Catherine Warren, Artist & Illustrator

    "This would have been amazing to have when I was in school, and is great to have on hand as an adult for when you find yourself having a full-on crisis of confidence, or just need some inspiration to get out of a smaller rut. If you know someone (particularly a young person) who is struggling to find confidence in their abilities, or exploring what it means to be a creative, then this would be a wonderful gift. Art teachers, you should seriously consider having a copy or two in your class." - The Itchy Kraken

    "I Am An Artist is a great workbook for young artists and adults beginning/wanting to do art. It's packed full of useful exercises and inspiration, as well as stories from working artists. I really enjoyed the flexibility and suggestions for ways to get inspiration flowing." - Meryl Stenhouse, Author

    Title: I am an Artist
    Author: SOUTHCOMBE, Z.R.
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