Self Published Authors

To all Independent Publishers   

As a local independent bookshop, we like to support local independent authors. We know that a lot of time, effort, money and passion goes into publishing your own book.

However, we are a business and every book on our shelves needs to earn its space. We see thousands of new books every year and select only a small percentage to sell in store. Unless a book has exceptionally high-quality writing, illustration and production, we find it very hard to sell as it must compete with the professionally produced and marketed books alongside it.

For this reason, we can’t take every book that we see.

If you’d like your book to be considered for sale at our shop we ask that you send an email with information about the book, including a jacket picture to Helen our book buyer. Please also include details of any distribution deal you may have. ( We will then get in touch with you if we’d like to see the book.

We also recommend listing your book on Nielsen Bookdata. ( Nielsen is an invaluable tool for booksellers, and it's free for you to list! To do this, you'll need an ISBN. More info about ISBNs here. (

All the best with your publishing venture.